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Removable Prosthetics:

teechDental Pro, LLC offers a wide range of removable restorations using industry leading methods and materials, providing your patients with a comfortable fit and life like esthetics. We also understand that we must cater to the needs of each individual treatment plan, hence we offer a large variety of materials and different shade options.

Cast Dentures

Cast dentures and partials (CrCo) offer the strongest most durable denture available. Cast dentures and partials with an acrylic overlay will provide your patients with a strong restoration while retaining natural esthetics.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures combine strength, comfort, esthetics and value in one product. Dental Pro utilizes the finest materials available, for our acrylic removables; Lucitone 199 Denture Resin is the industry leader. Lucitone 199 Denture Resin is an acrylic whose ultra-high impact strength has set the industry standard for denture resins. Offering superb resistance to flexure fatigue, excellent tissue coloration, vein simulation and balanced translucency, we offer Lucitone 199 Denture Resin in four aesthetic shades.

Valplast Flexible Partials

When your patients demand superior esthetics give them flexible partials made with Valplast. Valplast is a flexible denture base resin which is ideal for partial dentures. The resin is biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and esthetic properties. Valplast allows a patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the material. Valplast is available in 3 shades.


A dental flipper is the least expensive way to replace a missing tooth. Our flippers are made using Lucitone 199 acrylic resin.

Other Intraoral Devices:

Dental pro’s removable department has the ability to produce an extended variety of alternative intraoral devices. We can fabricate hard night guards, soft night guards, or even a combination Hard/Soft night guard to suit all of your bruxer’s needs!

Bleaching Trays

For your cosmetically concerned, we make bleaching trays which surpass in office fabrication quality in regards to retaining the bleaching material. We do so by creating reservoirs for the bleaching material and an advanced seal on both the facial and lingual area’s in order to protect the gingiva. The bleaching trays we provide, double as at home fluoride trays for those who need them.

Mouth Guards

Certain athletic patients have a need for a durable mouth guard. We can fabricate an appliance which will protect the supra/supergingival area’s while your patient engages in their favorite activites. For children, these are available in a wide variety of colors.


For maintaining previous orthodontic work, or extremely mild orthodontic movement of the teeth, we offer custom Hawley Retainers. The palatal acrylic is available in different colors, and the doctor is free to design the retainer as they wish. Should you be unsure of what type of retainer to prescribe one of our highly trained technicians can aid you in producing the most effective retainer for your patients case.

Snore Appliance

If your patient is suffering from sleep apnea, we offer a cutting edge solution called the EMA (elastic mandibular advancement) Snore Appliance. Through a system of two rigid full arch splints and a series of graduated elastic bands, when inserted, the device allows air to flow freely and the soft palate to remain still. Even in cases of congested nasal passages, the device increases airflow to the lungs thus reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea and reducing, if not eliminating, snoring issues.

We offer a wide variety of shades for both gingiva and teeth selections, and are not limited to what is in stock. Should you need, we can create custom shading to ensure the most natural match to your patients gingiva. From a doctor’s point of view, we understand that flexibility in the steps needed is a must. We can go from custom tray to completion for immediate dentures, wax try in with teeth to completion for partials, or any other combination of steps required to complete your patients case within the time frame given. We are also well versed in reparing exsisting dentures. If yourequire a standard hard or soft reline, or something more difficult like adding teeth to an exsisting partial we can turn these around extremely fast. We understand your patients dependence on their exsisting removables and we give you our word that you will receive them back in a timely manner.

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