Removable Prosthetics:

teechDental Pro, LLC offers a wide range of removable restorations. Using industry leading methods and materials we are able to provide your patients with a comfortable fit and life like aesthetics. We also understand that we must cater to the needs of each individual treatment plan, hence we offer a large variety of materials and different shade options.

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast metal partial dentures (CrCo) offer the strongest and most durable quality available. Cast dentures and partials with an acrylic overlay will provide your patients with a strong restoration while replacing their missing dentition in an aesthetic fashion.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures combine strength, comfort, aesthetics and value in one product.  We offer a durable, high impact acrylic resin in 3 lifelike gingival shades.  All steps necessary to complete the process are included in our fees (custom trays, wax rims, wax teeth try in, and the final processing).  You will be happy to know that shipping is also included, free of charge, on all steps of all cases.

Flexible Partials

When your patients demand superior aesthetics give them partials made from flexible nylon resin. Our flexible partial resin is a bio-compatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and aesthetic properties. It is slightly translucent which allows a patient’s natural tissue tone to be seen through the material. Flexible partials are available in 2 shades.


A dental flipper is the least expensive way to replace a missing tooth. Our flippers include (up to) 2 teeth and 1 clasp. They are manufactured using the same material and quality as our acrylic dentures.

Other Intra-oral Devices:

Here at Dental Pro, we produce an extended variety of alternative intra-oral devices. We can fabricate hard night guards, soft night guards, or even a combination hard/soft night guard to suit all of your bruxer’s needs!

Bleaching Trays

For your cosmetically concerned patients, we manufacture bleaching trays with exceptionally sealed reservoirs for the bleaching material. We ensure there is an advanced seal on both the facial and lingual surfaces to avoid gel leakage – thus protecting the sensitive gingival tissue. The bleaching trays we provide double as at home fluoride trays for those who need them.

Mouth Guards

Certain athletic patients have a need for a durable mouth guard. We can fabricate a soft maxillary appliance which will protect your patients supra/supergingival area as they engage in their favorite athletic activities. Our athletic mouth guards are available in a wide variety of colors for a personalized look.


For maintaining previous orthodontic work, or extremely mild orthodontic movement of the teeth, we offer custom Hawley Retainers. You can feel free to design your own retainer, however, should you prefer one of our highly trained technicians can aid you in producing the most effective retainer for your patients case.

We now also offer vacuu-form retainers.  They resemble the clear aligners that are so popular now a days.  Please be advised that our clear vacuu-form retainers are not intended for changing orthodontic alignment – only the preservation of it.

Denture repairs

We here at Dental Pro are well versed in denture repairs. We understand that patients are usually reluctant to submit their dentures for maintenance- so our turn around time is extremely competitive on relines and simple repairs.  We understand your patients dependence on their existing removable prosthesis, so we give you our word to handle them with the utmost in care and shortest turnaround time available.  Should you be local to the Chicagoland area, we even offer same day denture repairs.  Please note that the patient must have appointment/arrive with an Rx from the treating dentist.

Other information

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of shades for both tissue and tooth selection.  Please be advised that we are not limited to what is in stock. Should you need, we can create custom shading or order a specific make and mould of denture teeth.

From a doctor’s point of view, we understand that flexibility in the steps of fabrication is a must. As long as a quality impression (or cast), bite, and tooth shade are provided we can take most cases to completion.  This way delivery dates based on patients scheduling needs can be met.

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