Crown & Bridge


Zirconia allows you the flexibility you need when you opt for a metal free restoration.  Prep smaller abutments, make longer span bridges, treat bruxism.  Aesthetics and strength combine in perfect harmony when zirconia restorations are delivered.  Contact us today for pricing!

PFM & Full Cast

Industry standards, tried and true, withstand the test of time.  Our porcelain fused to metal and full cast metal restorations are available in non-precious, noble, and high noble alloys.  Yellow and gold alloy are available for full cast restorations.  All of our alloys are from reputable distributors, like Argen. 


Litium-Disilicate restorations with high translucency and superior strength.  IPS E.Max offers top notch aesthetics which are Ideal for anterior units, veneers, inlays, onlays, and up to 3 unit bridge restorations.  Emax is manufactured by Ivocalr Vivadent - a brand you know you can trust.