Removable Dentures

Acrylic Dentures & Partials

Our denture technicians take pride in providing you with beautiful work, each step of the way.  Well fitting custom trays, solid bite rims, aesthetically pleasing try ins, and beautifully characterized finalized dentures result in patients happy to return to your practice.  Each of the aforementioned steps and round trip shipping are included in our upfront pricing.  We offer a variety of tooth and tissue shades so that you can ensure you're dentures are as uniquely beautiful as your patients. 

Flexible Partials

Flexible removable partials are really trending this year.  A variety of tissue shades and its lightweight, metal free design make this prosthesis the perfect option for even your most aesthetically concerned patients.  This partial can be manufactured in as little as 2 appointments!  Of course, depending on the conditions present in the mouth.  As with our other removables... all steps necessary for fabrication are conveniently included in the cost on our price list!

Cast Metal Partials

Traditional metal framework partials are designed either by the treating doctor or one of my many talented technicians who specialize in this department.  This partial generally is manufactured delivered over a series of 4 appointments.  As with all of our dentures, each step necessary in fabrication is included in the total cost of our dentures.