Other Products

Mouth Guards

Night guards are available in soft EVA material, traditional hard acrylic, or a hybrid of the two which is a hard outer layer with a soft inside. 

Sports mouth guards are thick, soft EVA material.  Available in custom colors for a fee.  Please allow additional working time when custom color is ordered. 

Bleaching Trays

Custom bleaching trays are manufactured on a vacuuform machine using thin, soft EVA sheets.  Reservoirs are blocked out for your whitening medium, and seals are created at the cervical end of the teeth.  Superior results can be achieved with custom bleaching trays. 

Provisionals, Ortho, Etc.

We strive to provide you with the full line of products.  From diagnostic wax ups, laboratory manufactured provisionals, orthodontic retainers, to implant supported restorations we can do it all.  If there is something you are interested in manufacturing for  which is not listed on our site or price list... contact your representative today.  We can make it happen.