Outsourcing Policy & Working Time


Our overseas lab is 100% compliant with FDA regulations.  All prostheses are manufactured with brands you've come to know and love.  HIPAA compliance is followed to the letter ( no patient or doctor information is shared, at any time). Throughout the year, the owner of our lab visits our sister lab overseas and ensures the aforementioned statements are being maintained. 

Working Time

While our standard working time is 7-10 business days in lab, we do manufacture many steps/prostheses right here at our lab in Westchester, Illinois.   We aim to reduce the overall time it takes to get your dentures delivered by getting you certain steps FASTER! Also, for a small fee, rush cases are available for removables prosthetics.  As an auxillary rush service, we provide further convenience for your patients by offering same day denture repairs (for local customers)! The fact that we maintain an actual location staffed with skilled technicians state side is what really sets our outsourcing program ahead of the competition.  

Working times by department (in lab):

Custom Trays/Wax Rims: 3-5 Business Days 

Miscellaneous Prostheses (Night Guards, Etc.): 3-5 Business Days

Removable Dentures: 7-10 Business Days

Crown & Bridge *: 7-10 Business Days

RUSH CASES: 1-3 Business Days

Available only for removable prostheses.  Must be scheduled with your representative prior to the case's arrival at the lab. Fees Apply.

Same Day Denture Repairs: 

Click below for more information on this unique service!

East to West - We're the BEST

We combine offshore pricing, five star customer service, and a fully functioning, centrally located laboratory in hopes of offering your practice a one stop shop for all of your needs. Feel confident that we know your needs, attend to your requests, and get your cases back to you as fast as possible. 

Lastly, we want to mention that we quality control each and every case that comes back from our overseas lab before releasing it to our shipping department.  We hold our outsourced cases to the same, strict, guidelines applied to cases manufactured here in Illinois.  We will never ship you substandard products.  You will never discern a difference.  Start saving on lab fees today.