Same day denture repairs

See your dentist...

The state of Illinois mandates your repair must be perscribed by your treating dentist.  At your appointment, they will take impressions (if needed) and provide you with an Rx to bring to our lab.  No repairs will be done with out an Rx from a liscensed dentist. 

Reserve your repair appointment by sending us an email below or  you are welcome contact us by phone! 

Drop off your repair...

After you reserve your same day repair - you will need to report to the lab on your scheduled date between 8-9AM.  We need the cases early in the day to ensure they are completed on time.  You will drop off your partial or denture, your impressions (if any), and the Rx form for your doctor.  Our friendly staff will take down your phone number and we will contact you once the repair is complete.  Please be advised that our USUAL pick up time is 2pm. 

Pick up your denture!

Once we've called you for pick up - you will return to the lab and retrieve your denture(s).  Depending on the nature of your repair, you may have to go back to your doctor for some adjustments.  We may, IN NO WAY, adjust the denture for you or place any instruments or hands in your mouth. 

Please note - all billing is taken care of with your dental office.  You need not bring any payment to the lab.  Please remitt any and all payment to your dental office. 


Request an appointment...

Using the contact form to the left - enter your information and the date you're hoping to visit the lab.  It would be helpful if you could include the name of your dentist and daytime telephone number in the message section.  We'll be in touch! 

Please note, directions to our location can be provided via the interactive map below!

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